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Our Story

Vaping as it should be

There’s no shortage of reasons to love your VAPY. VAPY has real tobacco, free
from fire, ash and smoke and delivers cigarette-like satisfaction
without the cigarette-like smell. VAPY is the better
alternative to smoking cigarette.

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A change in perspective is all it takes.

As humans, we move forward and always find a better way.
Together, we find amazing everyday. A change in
perspective is all it takes. Welcome to the
world of VAPY, where things are
simply amazing.

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New Black Multiple Mouthpiece.


New Black Multiple Mouthpiece.

From our family to you.

Silver Black Pro

The elegant and compact style of VAPY now provides
two consecutive uses without any holder recharge.

Silver Black Stick

Classic, intuitive and user- friendly

Silver Black Lite

The elegant and compact style of VAPY now provides
two consecutive uses without any holder recharge.

Every element counts.

Behind each VAPY device are years of scientific research and technological expertise. It was our dream and our team of scientists’ ingenuity that enabled us to develop HeatControl Technology.

HeatControl Technology heats tobacco up to 350 degrees, instead of burning it – like cigarettes, giving you the true taste of real tobacco. VAPY deliver the best
when it comes to science and technology.

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Make it yours

Make your Silver Black truly yours with the limited edition Iridescent Collection.
Your VAPY is as much a reflection of your personality as you want it to be.
Customize it to match your style or make a bold statement through a
variety of design combos.

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It has 2 months since i smoke Vapy. Starting with lite model, but now i got a new one I am very in good
health because i stopped smoking permanently
and started using vappy. I hope others get it
to. No Smell No Arsh.

Can I just say how awesome these guys are? Our construction firm recently realized they needed a website and fast. Modern Agency got it done. Great service, fast and professional.

Designing a smoke-free future

After thousands of years of burning tobacco, we have made it our mission to give adult smokers who would otherwise continue to smoke, access to better alternatives.

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Get free smoke future, with Vapy

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